Unable to communicate with ‘cup-server.fqdn’. AXL query HTTP error “HTTPError: 404”

Okay, folks, if you are see the following error when you add the CUP node to your Expressway-C while implementing MRA, then you are probably not alone:


The solution is quite simple: make sure your CUP node(s) (and every other servers in your cluster, for that matter) are specified as FQDNs. Navigate to CUCM Publisher, select System -> Server and update the server names from hostnames to FQDNs by appending your domain name.


This would also ensure that the certificates obtained for your CUCM/CUP servers are trusted, as CN/SANs are going to match what’s recorded under Server Configuration.

It’s a step that is easy to forget and not many docs are mentioning this requirement (here’s the one that does: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/support/docs/unified-communications/unified-presence/116917-technote-certificate-00.html).


I have been working in the Unified Communication space for about a decade, with the most recent years devoting my attention almost exclusively to Cisco technologies. These include Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CallManager), WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS), Cisco Jabber, Cisco TelePresence, and Cisco IronPort Email Security Appliances (ESA).

2 thoughts to “Unable to communicate with ‘cup-server.fqdn’. AXL query HTTP error “HTTPError: 404””

  1. Thank you! That worked for me =)

    However if I check “TLS verify mode” checkbox it gives the following error: ‘Failed: Cannot connect to cimp.example.local. TLS certificate validation failed.’ While I have uploaded signed the certificates already for all the services in imp (cup,xmpp,xmpp-2s2,tomcat) and the connection with the CUCM works just fine with that option checked and the same CA used.

    Have you had the same issue ?

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