VCS Alarm: ‘RxPLIManager Line: 54’

We had one of the VCSes raise an alarm a few days ago that reads as follows:

An unexpected software error was detected in ivy[14753]: SIGABRT (tkill(2) or tgkill(2))

A closer look into details reveals the following:

Stack 0x0000000000c2c407 RxPLIManager ppcmains/ivy/b2bua/offeranswer/sdp/RxPLIManager.cpp:54
0x00007f032c66f2a5 (InstructionPointer)
0x00007f032c9fab30 (__builtin_return_address(0))

Cisco has confirmed thatĀ it is a new bug with X8.1.1. The application automatically restarts, so there is no need to do anything other than acknowledge the alarm for the noticeĀ to go away.