VCS/Expressway Release X8.2 is here

The long-awaited X8.2 for VCS Control/Expressway and Expressway-Core/Expressway-Edge is finally available on the CCO for download. In this version of software Cisco re-introduces support for Jabber Guest (which has been officially promoted to production just a few days ago). Apart from support of Jabber Guest, the new release adds a few other perks:

  • External XMPP Federation of CUPS-registered users with other deployments
  • Ability to change RTP/RTCP media demultiplexing ports
  • Better diagnostic logging and usability improvements in GUI

Please refer to the posted Release Notes for more details.

I the next few posts I will be covering deployment of Cisco Jabber Guest and MRA (Mobile Remote Access) for a small- to medium-size environment, so stay tuned.

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