Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 2.5

The Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 2.5 has been released on October 17th. This version comes with a long-awaited Multi-Data Center (MDC) support, which is essentially High Availability and load sharing between two geographically distributed areas. Be warned, though, that a separate MDC license is required (read more about MDC Licenses in CWMS 2.5 Administration Guide). The other neat feature that could be attractive to multi-national companies is the IVR language selection for system access telephone numbers (13 languages are supported).

The ISO is available from CCO. Please refer to release notes for full information.

2 thoughts to “Cisco WebEx Meetings Server 2.5”

  1. Did the upgrade work for you? I´ve tried 5 times to upgrade a 2.0 MR5 to 2.5 but the IRP virtual machine goes down every time after the update.

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