Enabling Medianet’s Metadata on Endpoints Running TC6.0 Through TMS

If you would like to bulk-enable Medianet’s metadata on Cisco endpoints running software TC6.0 and higher, you can do so using TMS Configuration Template with a custom API command. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to Systems > Configuration Templates > Configuration Templates.
  2. Create new configuration template or edit an existing one.
  3. Click on ‘Select Advanced Settings’ tab and use the filter to search for ‘custom configuration’ for ‘Cisco TelePresence TC Endpoints’:
    TMS Custom Configuration Template
  4. Select the ‘Custom Configuration’ setting and click ‘>’ to add it to the settings list.
  5. Switch to ‘Template Settings’ tab and paste the following string in the ‘Custom Configuration’ line:
    <Experimental item="1">
    <NetworkServices item="1">
    <Medianet item="1">
    <Metadata item="1">On</Metadata>
  6. Save the template. You’re done!

Test the configuration by applying the new template to a single endpoint and confirm that there were no errors and the setting has been changed successfully.

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